Monday, November 19, 2012

Millicent Min: Girl Genius By: Lisa Yee

Millicent Min: Girl Genius
Lisa Yee
Pages 211-232

Tonight in my reading, Emily, Millicent, and her family go to the Labor Day Fiesta at the Wild Acres theme park. Millie and Emily are back to being best friends. Emily wants Millie to ride the Monstroso Roller Coaster of Death. Millie is unsure but eventually agrees to ride it. After they ride the roller coaster, they head to the dance-floor. Millie’s parents are dancing to a slow song when a boy comes up and asks Millie to dance. She can’t believe what’s happening and doesn’t know what to do. The boy seems very familiar. She says yes and when they’re out on the dance-floor, he says something that makes it all click in Millie’s head. It was Digger, her enemy from elementary school. He was just dancing with her because of a bet. But, when she realizes it’s him and doesn’t want to dance with him, Stanford swoops in. He tells Digger to back off and Millie thanks him. After that, Millie dances with her dad and Stanford dances with Emily. Then, Millie, Stanford, and Emily all go and ride the Monstroso five more times. Millie wants to go again but no one else does. She goes by herself. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day.
I can infer that Stanford and Millie will become really good friends because Stanford is actually really nice. I don’t think Millie hates him as much as she says she does. And, in the end, you realize she doesn’t and they have developed a friendship. I can also infer that Emily and Stanford will date because they really like each other and really want to date.

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